Technological urge in real sector of the economy
BASE 1 Blockchain of last generation – Delegated Proof of Stake
CREATION 2 Mining opportunities without equipment
INTEGRATION 3 Fast integration with business operations, create your FRSwallet for 20 seconds
TRUST EMI 4 Absolute transparency of blockchain operations
LIQUIDITY FCA 5 FRScoin will provide a direct investment flow from Investor to Businesses and Start-ups

Basic idea FRScoin

FRee Start platform - infrastructure for creation of a real Economy 3.0

Decentralized verification of the "Road map" of any Project on the basis of the "FRee Start platform"

Characteristics of FReeStart coin blockchain Blockchain

Algorithm of the system for decentralization Delegated Prooff of Stake
Emission to create an ecosystem 33 000 000.00 FRScoin
Time of creation of the 1-st block 10 seconds
Reward for the calculation of the block 1.0 FRScoin
Every minute is fumbled 6.0 FRScoin
Each year, a number 3 110 400 FRScoin
General plan of calculation FRScoin until 2050 year / 102 643 200 FRScoin
The total number of FRS in 2050 135 643 200.00 FRScoin
FRScoin calculation method elected by the network Delegate
Number of delegates 101 Delegat
Number of Delegates not participating in the mining infinitely many
FRScoin storage method FRSwallet


Full economic cycle regime

  1. Investors. Investors receive veracious information about placed ICO and companies, and also receive an opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio
  2. Listing - tokenization of ICO and companies. ICO and companies will be able to attract a direct money flow bypassing intermediaries
  3. Token sale on cryptocurrency exchange. FReeStart exchange will help to conduct sale and purchase operations of digital assets of a company
  4. Return on investment. You can leave the process just by having sold tokens.

mobile application "FREE START EXCHANGE" will provide trades and free input / output FRScoin apps


FRee Start Platform is a whole set of professional tools for global interaction.

FRSplatform App - many thousands of users worldwide will be able to effectively interact with each other through the built-in messenger

  • Wallet FRScoin
  • FRee Start exchange
  • FRee Start platform
  • Messenger
  • Marketplace

Our Roadmap RoadMap

2017 3QR.
  • - investments from the creator of 5.0 BTC;
  • - algorithm selection for creation of the Blockchain FRScoin;
  • - choice of programming language for development of FRSplatform system;
  • - starting the software process
2017 4QR.
  • - development of the blockchain FRScoin;
  • - writing a program code for FRSplatform;
  • - writing a program code for cryptocurrency exchange FRSexchange
2017 4QR.
  • - alpha – testing of the program code for cryptocurrency exchange FRSexchange
  • - conclusion of a contract for the supply of professional exchange instruments from Tradingview.
2017 4QR.
  • - testing the blockchain FRScoin;
  • - alpha – testing of the program code for FRSplatform
2018 1QR.
  • - investments from the creator of 7.0 BTC
  • - alpha – testing of blockchain FRScoin – FRSwallet
  • - registration of 800 users for beta testing of the system
  • - writing API for merchants and companies
2018 2QR.
  • - Start of "Listing" on FRSplatform
  • - Start of "Token Bank"
  • - Start of the marketing company
  • - Formation of the Society FRScoin in social network
2018 3QR.
  • - 07/15/2018 the launch of the main blockchain of the FRScoin network
  • - 07/15/2018 start PreICO, limited sale of FRScoin tokens
2018 4QR.
  • - Start of trades on cryptocurrency exchange FRSplatform BTC\FRScoin = ETH\FRScoin
  • - Synchronous start of FRSexchange on a mobile application
  • - Start of Free App Messenger on a mobile application
  • - holding an international conference FRScoin “Basis of available money”
  • - we expect 100 ICO and companies to be attracted on “Listing” of the platform
  • - 50 000 people use mobile app and Messenger
  • - 1 000 000 USD FRSexchange – daily trade turnover FRSexchange
  • - 30 000 of functioning FRScoin – wallets
  • - FRSpay - start of the corporate payment system in accordance with the Electronic Money Institution License UK EMI
  • - International acquiring of crypto and fiat payments
  • - FRSexchange places on trading circa 30 trading pairs of cryptocurrencies and 50 trading pairs of ICO tokens


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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

1. FRScoin contributes to the formation of the Economy 3.0. For this we have developed a cryptosystem FRScoin-FRSplatform in order to create a direct money flow: Investor – Company

2. DPoS – the third generation blockchain created on the DPoS algorithm. This system is easily and quickly scalable; transactions speed in the net is very high; cryptowallets FRSwallet are secure and provide an opportunity for Mining

3. FRSplatform creates a constant demand economy for FRScoin; Listing platform has been developed for placing ICO, Crowdinvesting projects, etc.

4. FRSplarform app (FRSapp) – a mobile application integrated with your account on FRSplatform, combines the potential of Messenger, cryptocurrency exchange, ICO Listing, etc.

You can easily purchase FRScoin at FReeStart platform, after that you will have an opportunity either to participate in Token Bank, in Mining, or to sell FRScoin costlier at FReeStart exchange in some period of time

  1. Registration per E-mail
  2. Verification per E-mail
  3. Password recovery
  4. Receipt of money for a contract
  5. User’s balance display in tokens
  6. Receipt of BTC-ETH
  7. Receipt of fiat on (Payer) or Perfect Maney
  8. Validation of wallets before linking to an account
  9. KYC (
  10. Two-factor authentication

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